Our mission is to provide a few moments of pure joy and we're grateful we can offer our ice cream for curbside pick up. We've selected some of our most popular flavors so you can pick up a pint or quart (or two!) and enjoy from the comfort of your home. 

Our heavenly flavors are subject to change

Birthday Cake

This celebratory flavor is made with cake mix and a generous helping of rainbow sprinkles! It's deliciously sweet and forever a kid's favorite! Adults love it, too. If you're looking for a party flavor, this is the one!



Traditional Cookies n' Cream is kicked up a notch. Oreos are crushed into our cream to form an Oreo base and then chunks of Oreo are stirred it. Such a simple combination of chocolate sandwich cookies and cream produces an impressive result.



Made with a cocoa from France, the end result is a milk chocolate ice cream that is potent and unforgettable. We use this as the base for all of our chocolate flavors (with the exception of Chocolate Decadence).

Mint Chip


Using peppermint flavoring as the base for this flavor, we blend in large chunks of chocolate chips for a refreshingly tasty mixture.

Chocolate Decadence


A chocoholic’s dream come true. Our very best seller since we opened 30 years ago! Rich, fudge-like, and comparable to brownie batter in consistency, Chocolate Decadence is as heavenly as is sounds.

Salted Caramel


The buttery caramel base ice cream can carry this flavor all by its lonesome, but add the subtle kick of saltiness and it teeters on perfection.

Coffee and Cream


This creamy flavor tastes somewhat like a latte. Slightly less caffeinated than our Blanchard's Dark as Dark, this ice cream is the perfect middle ground for coffee lovers with a sweet tooth.



Forever a classic favorite in just about any ice cream shop, our strawberry ice cream is both dynamic and refreshing

Just Ask


Since you asked...This flavor wins in popularity as well as distinctiveness. A White Chocolate-based ice cream, we line the tub with creamy peanut butter and mix in chunks of Oreos to create this one-of-a-kind treat.



Using vanilla from Madagascar, we place special emphasis on ensuring our vanilla is richly extraordinary. This flavor—smooth, creamy and absolutely full of sweet taste—is a perfect example of how sometimes simple flavors, done really well, are extraordinary.

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