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Please call your closest Neighborhood Store to pre-order all the items below and allow 24 hours for pies and cakes to be custom made and decorated.

Ice Cream Pies

There's pie. And then there is ice cream pie made out of Gelati Celesti ice cream. It's truly simple and magical.  


Each pie is made-to-order and may not look exactly like those featured here. The custom pie you order starts with a yummy crust, is filled with up to two flavors of ice cream and is hand-decorated. Our pies will satiate the cravings of 6-8 people. Who wants some pie?



Single Servings To Go


Create your own one-of-a-kind celebration for office parties, showers, birthday parties and just about any other special event you can think of. Simply call one of our Neighborhood Stores and we'll pre-scoop an assortment of your favorite flavors for you to pick up. Our ice cream is loved by kids and adults alike—it's a scrumptious and stress-free dessert that will delight your guests. 


Make your event extra-special—grab some festive flags, toss in some sprinkles, and make it a party! Check out our Party Ideas for different ways to bring ice cream to your celebrations. 

Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Cake


Ice Cream Cakes

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, team celebration or any other special occasion with one of our ice cream cakes! 


The custom cake you order will be packed full of your favorite flavors and beautifully decorated, although it may not look exactly like those featured here.  Cakes are available in two sizes: 

  • 9 inch round cake (serves 12-16 people)

  • 6 inch round cake (serves 6-8 people) 

  • The cakes can have 1, 2 or 3 different flavors (layers) of ice cream



Pints, Quarts & Gift Cards


Pints & Quarts:

We hand-pack your favorite flavors in quart or pint containers so you can have Gelati Celesti at home or wherever you get the craving. They also make great gifts! 


Gift Cards:

Need a treat for a sweetheart, teacher, coach, or some other special person? A Gelati Celesti gift card is sure to please! 


Ice Cream Sandwiches


Our take on the classic treat, only better. We take two huge chocolate chip cookies and hand-pack a whopping serving of delicious ice cream in between. 

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