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community spirit


spirit night fundraisers

We're honored to be a member of our local communities and we take pride in supporting our neighbors. We're flattered to receive numerous requests from a variety of organizations and unfortunately, cannot contribute to all of them. We primarily support local schools through Spirit Nights.


Gelati Celesti will donate 20% of the sales associated with your Spirit Night event to your organization. The more people who indulge in a delicious cup or cone, the higher the donation will be!

We support your event with digital flyers and Spirit Night stickers for you to use in communications, newsletters, and social media campaigns. We ask that you run all your promotional activities prior to your event; we do not permit organizations to set up tables, hand out flyers, or ask our customers to participate in the spirit night. 


In order for purchases to count towards your fundraiser, your supporters must verbally tell our scoopers of their participation or show a paper or digital flyer or sticker. 


Spirit Nights are usually held on Mondays - Thursdays between 3-9 pm.

Please contact us using the form below.



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